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Praise the Lord, 

It is a privilege to share my testimony to those who are reading this page.

       I was born on 23 Mar 1970 in Trivandrum, capital of Kerala, a state of India. I am the eldest son of  Late Captain KE Ninan ( Ex Indian Army) and Late Mrs. Mariamma Ninan (Teacher).  I have a  brother who is two years younger to me. As my mother was a teacher, we were brought up in Trivandrum till we left for Tiruvalla after my mother's retirement in 1986.

    My mother was a pious lady and was much interested in gospel works. Every year she used to send us to  vacation bible schools (VBS) during our holidays. I used to give my heart to Lord every year and up to one month, I would be a good Christian as we used to attend mainline church. This system continued for years. 

     In 9th standard, I attended a VBS where I gave my life to Jesus again. I always felt God's presence very strongly in my spirit during that period. I was a good Christian for about one month and also  wrote a book on Gospel of Mathew, a book of interpretation. After some time, I was forced to hit a friend with cricket bat as he misbehaved with me, which destroyed my Christian life again. Thereafter I was a very bad boy for few years. I got first class in my matriculation and joined Pre degree course in Mahatma Gandhi College in Trivandrum, where I started my communist life. I joined students politics and I could not complete studies in that college. I joined again Marthoma college in science group after one year and continued to be on politics which spoiled my academics and good name.

      After completing my academic term in college, I was active in politics in my place where I was Panchayat Vice president of Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) which is youth wing of Communist Party Marxist. When my mother had doubt that I will soon end up in any jail, she asked her younger sister (Mrs Chinnamma Varghese) to take me away from that place. Then I was again forcefully taken back to Trivandrum. During my stay there, I attended Indian Naval Recruitment and got selected in Navy in May 1989. Even though I was not interested to join, I was selected. It is a wonderful testimony how God gave me electronics engineering branch in Navy even when I was not even a believer, for God's future plan.

    In 1992, my mother had a severe heart attack when I was in Mumbai, thereafter I was transferred to Kochi in 1993 on compassionate grounds. In 1994 my father had a paralytic stroke again and he got admitted in Pushpagiri medical college. While we were there, one night, one old uncle came and told me about the love of Jesus. I was so touched by the Holy Spirit, I could not control my tears without any reason. That night I again submitted to the Lord and prayed for my father. God gave me confirmation that he will not die now. Doctors who treated him for last 14 years told that there is no hope and this is his final stage. As the Lord answered that He will heal him, I took him to Cochin Medical trust hospital where he had a very speedy recovery. Before we left for Cochin, I told everybody that he will come back by walk and God did the same. But something wrong happened to me. by the time my father came back by walk, I become an atheist . This miracle did not change my heart. Again I become a bad guy.

     My father expired in Apr 1994. In 1995, I went through great agony because of some troubles in my life. One day, I was traveling to another place to see a girl for my marriage and my father's younger brother ( Mr Eipe George) was there with me in place of my father. It was around 1 O clock in the afternoon and I told him that this is not the right time to reach girl's house, so we will wait somewhere for 1 or 2 hours. As he was a Pentecostal Christian, he took me to a prayer hall where a lady was prophesying. As soon as I entered that hall, she told like this and her eyes were closed. `If you do not come back to my presence, soon I will take your life back'.  Even though I did not know that she talked to me, it pierced my heart as I was born again before years. Suddenly she opened her eyes and told very clearly that the message was for me. I was stunned. Somehow I managed to sit there for one or two hours and proceeded to girl's house. After I went home, I lost all peace from my heart. I was upset because I did not know whether God is truly existing. After I went home, I lost my remaining peace and I went back to her and with a great difficulty I managed to sit there. But I did not feel the presence of God there. Again I went back and came to her on third day. I was really upset and after sitting there for few hours, I told her that there is no Jesus and this time she was shocked. That time she told me to read Mathew  to John  for God wants to speak to me. I went back. I started thinking about what is the meaning of life when the whole life is a trouble for poor and rich. I understood that life is meaningless when there is no life after death. If, after carrying all this troubles for whole life, I have to die after some years, why not die now to reduce the burden of remaining days. It is better to suicide if there is no life after this life, so I decided that if there is no God I must die and if there is a God, I must follow Him. So I started praying and reading Bible. God started speaking to me in my heart. He cleared all my doubts about Him. He gave me peace and happiness. He changed my life all of a sudden and everybody started wondering. They thought I am a mad man now. I went 180degree out of phase from my former life. My friends started troubling me. On 11 Apr 95, I took immersed baptism in IPC, Valanjambalam, Eranakulam. There after I got a letter from Bishop of Marthoma Church saying I must accept that I did a mistake by taking immersed baptism which I ignored. They removed me from church and I joined Pentecostal church.

         In 1995 Apr, I went to Jamnagar Electrical Engineering school of Indian Navy in Gujarat for higher course for 6 months. God used me in the midst of my colleagues.

        In 1996, I was transferred to INS Chamak, a missile boat in Visakhapatnam. God used me mightily in that place. I served Lord diligently even though I had toughest life onboard ship. Initially, I was in IPC but I shifted to Hindi church for the ministry among Hindi people. God gave me many souls. God permitted me to stay in the rented church for 3 years. I was there till 2001 which was most beautiful part of my Christian life.

      In 1997 January 2nd God gave Lissy in my life and in the same year God gave me my son Aquilas Eipe Kovoor (Leo).

         In 2001, I was transferred to INS Tunir in Mumbai where I left Indian Navy in 2004 May. In 2002 Dec God gave me a daughter Axa Eipe Kovoor. My desire from the beginning of Christian life was to serve Lord without any job. I was ready to leave the job if Lord permits me which He never allowed me.  So I wanted to serve Lord after I leave service. But when the time had come to leave Navy, prophets started prophesying that I must go for job in foreign countries. I started crying as I thought God does not want me to be His minister. But when many others started telling me the same, I prepared myself for a job.

         In Jun 2004, I reached back home permanently and I joined IPC Prayer centre in Tiruvalla. I decided not to join Merchant Navy as I have to remain without fellowship for 6 months. So I tried for a job in Gulf countries. Meanwhile I worked as an faculty for Fire and safety engineering in my place. I could not get a job with good wages so I did not go to Gulf. In 2006, I decided to join Merchant Navy and I started preparing for the job. In Apr 2007, I joined my first ship as Electrical officer. I praise God for all His works in my life. His eternal hands are under me and His wings are above me.  I give all glory and honor to Him alone who molded me. My only prayer is that He may use me for His glory. Will you pray for me? God bless you.


your brother in Christ


Kovoor Ninan Eipe